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"Nicole has spent many hours in my kitchen where I have observed her create, in seemingly effortless fashion, the most delicious vegetarian and vegan plant-based meals. In her focused manner, Nicole floats through my kitchen space as she gathers food items from the pantry and refrigerator, prepares the appropriate-sized pots on the stovetop and then proceeds to peel, chop and mix ingredients with the utmost concentration and respect for earth’s beautiful bounty. Nicole’s culinary creations are colorful, spice-rich medleys consisting of vegetables, fruits, grains, legumes, fish, tofu, nuts and pastas which are not only palate pleasing but are visual masterpiece works of art that deserve to be framed rather than just plated.  

Nicole excels in her role as vegan and vegetarian educator sharing her enthusiasm about nutrition and the healing aspects of food. As a passionate proponent of health and fitness, Nicole transmits her love of vegan and vegetarian cuisine through her extraordinary repertoire of satisfying soups, stews, appetizers and salads. While new recipes abound, Nicole constantly and expertly develops innovative ways to reinterpret tried and true dishes.

Nicole is most knowledgeable about all things “kitchen” from the best brands of cookware, to quality knives, to the most durable cutting boards, to the correct placement of food in the refrigerator, to the various types of storage containers- to name just a few.  Nicole’s instructive advice has helped me create a more efficiently run kitchen that now acts as the backdrop for Nicole’s genius as culinary chef.  To know Nicole is to love her!"  

-Susan S., New York, NY

“My wife and I were introduced to Nicole by a mutual friend who happened to be vegan.  I decided to try plant-based eating in mid-July, 2012 and it’s fair to say that without Nicole’s cooking, the entire enterprise might have lasted a week.  With her masterful cooking and guidance, it’s been a wonderful and ongoing adventure.  Nicole is a gifted and endlessly creative chef and she’s infinitely adaptable to any number of constraints, food preferences and aversions.  I was and continue to be amazed at the sheer variety of dishes that she’s able to create within the limits of the vegan genre.  She is also cognizant of the need to ensure that her meals are nutritionally balanced in addition to being absolutely yummy.  Before tasting Nicole’s food, I had never before eaten a dish that hovered precisely at the intersection of sweet, savory and spicy and did to my taste buds what trompe l’oeil does to the eye.  Her dishes are so tasty and so finely seasoned that coming home to her dinners is always a highly anticipated and rewarding treat.  She works independently in our kitchen, has a quiet and sunny disposition and for those who are interested, she very much enjoys teaching as she works.  We recommend her unreservedly as a chef and caterer and I really feel, without hyperbole, that her food is a gift.”  MNS, New York, NY


"I have had the good fortune to enjoy many delicious meals from the Coterie Cuisine kitchen. Everything is extremely fresh and nutritious, but that is just the beginning. The flavors are incredibly diverse and deep, the kind that change several mouth watering times after you take a bite. All of the ingredients are paired in unique, creative ways and the presentation is beautiful – large bowls full of the most extravagant colors and aromas. There is something about the selection and combination of the vegetables, cheeses, dressings and seasonings that makes all the dishes unusually light and fulfilling. When you sit down to eat, it is really difficult to know where to start and after you have finished, you definitely know that you have had a decadently healthy and delicious experience."  -Chris P., New York, NY 

"I have been enjoying Nicole’s meals for years. She is a fabulous chef with a brilliant foodie mind. In a city like New York, chef services are a dime a dozen. But Nicole stands out from the pack in so many ways. Nicole has a knack for creating amazingly beautiful dishes with the healthiest of ingredients. Each and every time I have had the honor of joining her for a meal, I have been treated to the leanest and juiciest meats, the freshest, most beautifully prepared vegetables, all seasoned perfectly with the right spices and plated in an artistic, yet satisfying way. Chicken grilled to perfection, with just the right balance of garlic and seasonings, salads painstakingly prepared with brilliantly colored heirloom tomatoes and grated cheeses. The list of her very best dishes goes on and on. Nicole goes far beyond the basics, with her artistic mind creating an exciting menu even from just a quick glance at what you have in the kitchen. When paired with a great bottle of specially selected wines to bring out the flavors, you have a night you’ll remember. When the meal is over, you’ll be immensely satisfied with the flavors you’ve tasted, the healthy foods you’ve enjoyed, and the wines that have complemented the evening perfectly. I would have Nicole be my personal chef as well as the chef for my most important gatherings of friends, family, and clients. She will make you smile and long for the next delicious meal." -Scott H., New York, NY

"You haven’t had great cooking until you tasted Nicole’s! Delicious and fresh are two words that come to mind. Local ingredients combined with the best flavors and shockingly nutritious. You feel like you are getting a treat and would never dream that it is so healthy. Make a request or leave it to the chef, you won’t regret it. You wouldn’t believe the meals that can come out of a tiny NYC kitchen. I’ve seen meals for 2 – 25, and all prepared efficiently. Her secret weapon is her wine pairings!" – Anna B., New York, NY

"I had the fortune of tasting Coterie Cuisine’s delicious food at a Spring dinner party. Nicole prepared fresh roasted asparagus, which was prepared simply with lemon accent, and a brussels sprouts salad that was the perfect blend of fresh greens, light dressing & walnuts (not to forget the pecorino!). I also tasted, for the first time, kosher appetizers which I found to be delicious! These “teasers” prepared my palate for the roasted chicken entree, which was savory and the perfect portion. Nicole’s thoughtful preparations, along with her wine pairings with each course, made the meal a true delight to enjoy. Needless to say I loved the food and it made for a lovely evening with friends." -Pam K., New York, NY

"The cuisine uses fresh ingredients in innovative ways to create comfortable choices and balanced meals. The presentation is always beautiful and the attention to flavor details always on point. My only criticism is that I’m left wanting more, which my waistline can’t handle. This is a must for the home entertainer and for the on the go family." -Laurence J., Great Neck, NY

"Nicole’s healthy yet flavorful style captured my heart when we met in Texas. As a girl from the South I appreciate great comfort food. Nicole’s fresh and organic culinary approach has a way of taking any dish light or hearty and delivering an excellent dining experience. Her unique twists on her dishes is sure to impress any diner." – Desiree S., Dallas, TX

"I would eat Nicole’s food for every meal, every day! I feel good when I eat good food, and that is what Nicole is best at.  She prepares fresh, healthy and delicious meals, and the best part is that it is always vegetarian, so I can eat everything. I am always the one at dinner parties eating the boring salad or crackers and dips – Coterie Cuisine is amazing because I can enjoy all the dishes with everyone else!  I am eagerly awaiting vegetarian Thanksgiving, it cannot come soon enough. I am already dreaming about the cranberry sauce and the kale salad and the quinoa, yum!" -Tara S., Great Neck, NY

"I have had the pleasure of experiencing Nicole’s cooking at multiple special occasions, including Thanksgiving and New Year’s. Nicole’s cooking emphasizes the best of every season, allowing the flavors of fresh fruits and vegetables to shine through. She has a light but magic touch that brings out the best in local produce, for example by highlighting peak watermelon with mint and paprika. As a bonus, Nicole’s cooking is extremely healthy but the dishes taste bright rather than like health-food. Nicole is an expert at cooking all-vegetarian meals for my husband and I, and we absolutely don’t miss the meat! I am happy to unreservedly recommend Nicole to anyone seeking delicious and healthful cooking." -Bea R., New York, NY

"To anyone that is hungry and wants the BEST personal chef:
I have known Nicole for 3+ years, when she started dating my best friend. She is a smart and a caring person that can really cook. My buddy lucked out. I remember the first time I tasted Nicole’s tasty food creations. It was her annual New Year’s day brunch. I was vegetarian at the time, so not the easiest person to cook for. I could eat almost everything at that brunch, anything that had meat in it I was informed of it.

Since then I’ve gone vegan, so now I’m a bit tougher to cook for. I’ve had numerous meals at Nicole’s and she still finds a way to always make new awesome dishes with in season fruits and veggies for me. I’m not alone when I say what I’ve said, everyone and anyone that has had her cooking agrees and says…when can we come back for dinner again. Everything Nicole makes is colorful, yummy and flavorful, am I making you hungry? Good, have Nicole cook for you and you and your tummy will be happy you did!"  -Terence G., New York, NY



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