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Coterie Cuisine believes in local, sustainable and seasonal cooking with a food philosophy of balance and nutrition. Coterie believes in only using the freshest of ingredients and tries to use organic ingredients whenever possible. 

Coterie Cuisine can accommodate all dietary restrictions including vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, Kosher, Lacto-ovo vegetarian, low sodium and gluten-free. If you do not see your dietary need listed above, please contact Coterie Cuisine to discuss your needs.


A Personal Chef is a chef who is hired by different clients and prepares meals in the clients' home kitchens, based on their needs and preferences. In most cases, Nicole will leave prepared meals in containers that are refrigerated or frozen for you to enjoy later.

​Coterie Cuisine can provide meals for you in your home with a minimum of three meals per week .  If you do not have a kitchen that is chef friendly, meals can be prepared outside your home as well. Coterie Cuisine can accommodate varied dietary needs within one home.  Prices start at $100 per hour plus the cost of food. *


A chef who is employed exclusively by one client and cooks in the clients' home kitchens.

Pricing is available upon request.



Coterie Cuisine can plan a meal for any intimate occasion in your home for 2-12 people. Should your NYC apartment be able to accommodate a larger party, Coterie can and will rise to the occasion!  Coterie Cuisine has catered dinner parties, brunch and cocktail hour for up to 30 people in NYC apartments. Prices start at $100 per hour plus the cost of food.*


Would you like Coterie Cuisine to cater your next holiday party? Baby Naming? Bris? Wedding Shower?  Bachelorette party? Rehearsal Dinner? Corporate event?  Coterie Cuisine would  love to help you make your next event exciting and flavorful!  Pricing  is upon request. *


Before we begin working together, Nicole will come to your home or office to have a conversation with you about your needs.  At this point, we will discuss price point, favorites foods, cuisines and themes. During our meeting, we will go through a food and kitchen inventory to make sure we cover allergies, food intolerance and dietary restrictions.  There is a $100 flat fee for consultations.


Do you love to drink wine? Do you only drink red wines with meat and white wines with fish, chicken and vegetables?  Do you only drink red wines when it is cold out and white wines when it is warm out? Do you know the difference between Syrah and Shiraz?  Have you wanted to try a Gruner Veltliner, but don't know how what food it might compliment?

Coterie Cuisine would love to teach you about drinking red wines in the summer and white wines with pasta.  Enhance your wine knowledge, impress your guests and enjoy a delectable home cooked meal with appropriate wines for each course.   Coterie Cuisine can even make suggestions to any price point on what you should purchase on your own. Pricing is upon request plus the cost of wine.


​Coterie Cuisine offers in-home cooking classes for 1-10 people depending upon the size of the desired location.  These are hands-on classes for all attendees and usually lasts about three hours.  This is a great option for couples, families with children, bachelorette/bachelor parties and individuals.  At the end of our time together, you will walk away with new cooking knowledge and a full belly.  Cooking classes start at $350 per class plus the cost of food. *


Interested in learning what the difference between organic and non-organic is? What is Kohlrabi (and how can I cook with it)? What does a parsnip look like vs a rutabaga? What does buying locally or eating seasonally really mean? Can I eat beets raw?  Do you want your children to help pick out fruit and vegetables they want to eat and cook? These are just some examples of things we can discuss while touring your local grocery store or green market.  Tours start at $100 plus the cost of food.*


Do you sometimes find it difficult to locate the proper pots and pans or spices while you are cooking? Coterie Cuisine can help you strategically organize your kitchen for optimization of your time and space even in the smallest of NYC spaces.  Additionally, Coterie can help make sure your refrigerator and  pantry are stocked with staples for the everyday or weekend meal.  Prices begin at $100 per hour plus the cost of food.


*Food cost is determined by your menu selections.  Grocery and transportation receipts are provided at the end of each service week, along with a detailed invoice of services provided.   Food cost is separate from service cost. Both food and service cost are due at the time of service.  A $200 deposit to purchase ingredients is required at the time of reservations.


“So people ask me, how did I get into this?  Why healthy food?  My answer is always sort of a question back, which is like, how is delicious food not healthy?”

-Dan Barber, Chef

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